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2.8.4 - 12/3/00
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Auction Action Tracker is a very useful utility for organizing, monitoring, and bidding on eBay auctions. Auction Action Tracker will store auctions in an item list, and will allow you to sort, view current information, and bid on these items. As an eBay addict, I consider this utility a must-have for any eBay user.

Auction Action Tracker is shareware. You will not be able to use Auction Action Tracker after the initial 30-day trial period without registering. Please support a student developer, registration is only $10.

For complete management of your auction transactions I recommend you check out re:Sale.

2.8.4 - 12/3/00 - This release fixes parsing problems with the Auto Load function as well as with German auctions. The memory requirement has also been reduced by 25%, to 3MB.

2.8.3 - 11/18/00 - This release fixes parsing problems with auctions that have ended.

2.8.2 - 11/17/00 - This release fixes parsing problems due to an eBay change. It also adds a minor improvement to the ability to enter a URL into the new item window.

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