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2/25/01 - Auction Action Tracker 2.8.6 has been released, and fixes a few more bugs (some introduced in 2.8.5), and adds a new parsing engine.

•The parsing engine that filters through the auction information from eBay has been rewritten from scratch. It should be much more reliable now. There will probably be a few issues with the new system while it gets phased in. If you have an auction that does not load properly, please send the item number, and a description of the problem to <>.
•Fixed a bug introduced in 2.8.5 that would cause some auctions without bids to improperly load the high bidder information.
•Fixed a bug introduced in 2.8.5 that caused the Open With Browser function to stop working.
•The Number column in the Item List has been widened a bit, to provide more padding for the longer item numbers.
•If the "Beep on Bid Increase" prefs option is set, and you reload an item window, and the bid count has increased, AAT will no longer beep for each reload. It will only beep after the initial reload that showed the bid count increase, not every reload after.

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